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Microsoft announced a partnership with ChemTech

Microsoft and ChemTech implement artificial intelligence in oil refining


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Microsoft and ChemTech with artificial intelligence technologies to allow companies in the oil & gas and chemical industries to reduce the cost of plants operation by several million dollars per year.


Microsoft and ChemTech established a partnership to introduce artificial intelligence technologies in the petrochemical industry. It means the cooperative presentation of new services and solutions, as well as the global promotion of products through partnerships and marketing programs.


"According to analysts IDC, the economic value of digital transformation is 20 trillion US dollars, and this is more than 20% of world GDP.​ ChemTech CEO E.Bunin notes that cooperation with such a key global partner as Microsoft is necessary for the successful implementation of the digital transformation of modern business and the introduction of innovative solutions ensuring the high quality and reliability of the proposed product". 

ChemTech OptimEase solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud is software that helps oil and gas and chemical companies to reduce operating costs and improve plant performance.


OptimEase uses a unique method where the thermodynamic model of a chemical process is combined with a simulation based on neural networks. Algorithms of artificial intelligence make a prediction of further composition for raw materials arriving at the plant at a certain time. Based on this information, the operator can change the mode of the unit by setting the most accurate parameters.


In June 2018, ChemTech in collaboration with Microsoft started a pilot project to create a "digital twin" of the CDU-7 installation at the TATNEFT refinery plant. On the next stage of the project, specialists are planning to use OptimEase for a standard installation with a capacity of 7 million tons per year.

The expected economic effect from integration is estimated at several million dollars.


ChemTech engineers use Microsoft products in development, for example, Java platform, using the popular Spring framework, as well as programming languages Python and C ++. Specialized virtual machines GPU in the cloud Microsoft Azure became the basis for the deployment of artificial intelligence technologies: neural networks (recurrent and direct distribution) and machine learning algorithms of gradient boosting libraries XGBoost and LightGBM.


Recent research of Microsoft shows, that 94% chiefs associate their business success with an integration of artificial intelligence and such confidence supported by real facts of reduction of consumptions and optimization of resources – says A. Tarasov, The Leader of business digital transformation course of Microsoft in Russia. ChemTech Solution – the best example for how with use of such technologies on oil and gas companies can highly improve their own production efficiency and modify business strategy within digital transformation, notes A. Tarasov.

ChemTech are planning to expand OptimEase through support of more production plants and development of new areas – chemical and food industry.