AI-Based 60-min Predictions | Manufacturing without people

First Box Product for the manufacturing industry is fully based on artificial intelligence

ChemTab determines the parameters of a manufacturing plant in real-time and predicts changes in the future such as how the feed composition of the plant will have changed in the next 15 or 30 minutes

Compare ChemTab AI to chromatograph

ChemTab AI

Field-mounted gas chromatograph


At several points in the future, for example +15-min, +30-min, +60-min

3 weeks

Up to half a year


$ 0

1 day

$ 300 000800 000

Up to 1 year

Possible only during unit turnaround period


In real time

Quality is better or the same as that of the chromatograph



Advices for operators are vailable in an extended version

30-min delay

Time delay for sample preparation, analysis, blow etc.

Without prediction

Without advices

How to get ChemTab


Send historical data from plant sensors


Unpack the box with ChemTab a few weeks later


Connect via USB. ChemTab will work


Increases efficiency, reduces costs

Improves the quality of plant operations due to the newest artificial intelligence technologies.


and reliably

Connections to wi-fi, cloud, internet, or any other third-party resources are not required.

Easy in use

and affordable

Full-packaged Tablet-product with the lowest price on the market.

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